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You’re an actor. Act like a business.

3 Things Every Actor should Do!   First of all, let’s get our definitions straight. You call yourself an actor. What do you mean by this? Do you act for fun? Is it your full-time occupation? Is it a very

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You: Groundwork For A great Business Plan

The groundwork for writing a successful business plan starts with you. This blog is not a sales training seminar. However, many of the same elements of great sales techniques are part of the development of a great business plan. First,

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Elements of A Typical Business Plan

Your business plan must effectively lay out the argument for your business and how you will proceed during the coming weeks, months and years to attain and maintain a successful operation. Consider your product and marketplace thoroughly. Look at your

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Your Vision, Your PLan

Your VISION! This is your idea. Express it boldly and positively. You want to start a business. Maybe you want to start a new division in your company, or embark into a new territory. Something wonderful and creative is ready

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your vision your plan

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