Be Realistic!

Thoughtfully and thoroughly consider your business. Be realistic! Get outside opinions. Look at your competition thoroughly. Be candid and factual in your appraisal. You will always benefit from honest, accurate evaluation. At first, you may not like what you hear or see or discover. But you will eventually become more effective, more competitive and more precise in your business practice.

Learn from your weakness. Learn from your competition. Competition will make you stronger-if you so choose.

So, choose to succeed. You must have the “never give up attitude” if you are to succeed in your enterprise. There are very few NEW things under the sun. Oh, there may some very nice unusual products or services that seem wonderfully imaginative. BUT, they are not necessarily new. They are just better mousetraps. Choosing to succeed and to never give up doesn’t necessarily mean to stick with your idea no matter what. It may mean adapting the idea, changing your strategy, or both.

IF you are realistic, yet determined, you will find a path to success and you’ll find that your presentation is rooted deeply in YOU.

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