You: Groundwork For A great Business Plan

The groundwork for writing a successful business plan starts with you. This blog is not a sales training seminar. However, many of the same elements of great sales techniques are part of the development of a great business plan. First, you must know who you are. Really. You must know who you are and know what you  want.

 After that, it starts getting easier…. Sort of. In other words, once you know your motivations and goals for starting a business or enterprise, the rest is “downhill.” Wait, I mean downhill as in “easier.” Not, “your business is going downhill!” Yikes. This blog would be really worthless if that were the case.

To be successful, you must

A) Know your product

B) Know your client

C) Know your market

D) Clear the objections and close the sale

These same elements can be translated into developing a good business plan and the persuasive presentation of your idea.  In the end you still need to sell your idea and close the customer—and everyone in between.  That includes your banker, your investor, your suppliers and your buyers.

Remember, know yourself to sell yourself. Know your product to sell your product.

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