You’re an actor. Act like a business.

3 Things Every Actor should Do!


First of all, let’s get our definitions straight. You call yourself an actor. What do you mean by this? Do you act for fun? Is it your full-time occupation? Is it a very part-time experience? What?

Consider this: You are a business. Treat yourself like one.  ACT like one.

YOU require a set of goals. Even though you are one person, you are still a business. Think like a business. Plan like a business. Act like a business: Vision…Clarity…Focus…

A business plan for a corporate entity follows several steps: 1. Warning to investors 2. Plan and Summary
 3. Background
 4. Team  5. Opportunity 6. Competition 7.Strategy 
8. Proposal 9. Cost/Benefit 10. Revenue 11. Timeline

The order may vary, but the essential points are the same for any new company or business. In the end, a company must demonstrate that it will work and make money. The business will become profitable.

An actor must convince the backer that they can be a profitable entity! How? When? Why? Answer these questions effectively and you have written a good business plan (and probably found a good agent).

A brief background on success in the entertainment business.

The actor is a business. Treat yourself as a business. Not every actor will have success–let alone, at a high rate of success–and enjoy constant bookings. So, you need to anticipate this. Continually improve your skills. Commit to yourself and believe in your ability.

You must create a plan and follow it. Perhaps you will be successful for a long time, or perhaps you will only find limited success. What is your strategy? Do you have an exit strategy or back-up plan?

In the following post, I’ll make some suggestions for you to follow. They’ll include

1. Summary 
2. Resume
 3. Assets
  4. Opportunity/Focus 5. Competition

6. Strategy
  and  7. Timeline

As with any company, an investor or backer will ask: “Why are you a good investment? Why should I back you?”

So, actor, ask yourself: “why am I a good investment?”

Believe this: you are a good investment!

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