Discover Yourself, Discover Your Business, by Scott Sanders

Hello and welcome to my website. My close friend, Tammy Duchow, and I are presenting a Training course in October. This article is a small part of what we will be talking about.

Our upcoming webinar will be aired on October 7, 2015. We will begin with a webinar that introduces our topic “Discover Yourself, Your Brand and Your Business.”

In the webinar we will discuss several things, but most important is a key factor that should be considered BEFORE you start any business or change careers.

We often hear about the reasons why businesses fail:

  • Lack of Planning
  • Poor Management
  • Insufficient Capital
  • Poor Location
  • Overexpansion
  • No Website

But what about the reasons why businesses succeed? You may be surprised to learn that the number one reason given for success is NOT capital or location or an MBA or management skills. According to a Gallup poll, a Forbes Study and the Small Business Administration, the number one reason given: PASSION.

That’s right. Passion is apparently king in the success world. So, attitude and energy are critical to you finding success in your business—whether a start-up, or a reorganization.

This leads me to an important question. What is your foundation? If you were sluggish and lacked energy from day-to-day, I might ask you the following questions: What are you eating? What are you feeding yourself? Are you exercising? I think these would be fair questions to ask.

So, why not ask the same thing about your mental and emotional food? What are you feeding your brain? Is your mind in tune with your body, and subsequently, focused on the best goals? And yes, are you exercising?

A strong foundation is critical for any business or idea. A positive foundation will yield positive results. Is there such a thing as a negative foundation? I think so. Garbage in, garbage out. Right?  We sometimes get caught up in the idea that our product or invention is so good and unique, that it will naturally succeed. Wrong. A business or idea will only be as successful as our passion and attitude allows. There are thousands of examples of good ideas gone awry because the foundation was faulty. In contrast, there are many examples of products that succeeded—in spite of doubts and corporate hesitation—because their champion and inventor had passion. One example of passion and positive attitude: John Hawkins, inventor of the Palm Pilot—the first personal digital assistant (PDA). He  designed a wooden proto-type and went everywhere with it, as he imagined the many uses or situations where such a device would be useful. This article is not a research paper about inventors, so look up the story and learn more about Jeff Hawkins and his start. I simply want to get you going in the direction of self-discovery and motivation.

So, what can be done? What can YOU do to ensure that you have the passion and energy to succeed. Well, that’s a big question,. So, take baby steps.

For a start, read articles on business and success. Find  authors, books and articles and blogs that lift and inspire you (or at least inform you). Feed your brain good food by feeding it positive and thoughtful ideas. This is one reason why certain books—such as Think And Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill—are still popular. Maybe they seem outdated, but they’re not. Why? Because they feed you and inspire you to think outside of the four walls that you and I are all used to.

In our webinar, we will discuss the ways to feed your brain and become more positive and passionate about life and your business. Reading good books and positive literature is just a beginning. Tammy and I will touch upon a range of solutions during the next five weeks leading up to our webinar.

Coming up in a few days, Tammy Duchow will start a discussion of the importance of our  personal and business “Digital Brand and Footprint.”

Remember: Vision… Clarity… Focus.


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