I create, therefore I am ~ creo ergo sum

I think, therefore I am.
You all know (or should know) that Descartes made the Latin version of cogito ergo sum rather famous (even though it debuted in the top 10 in French, not Latin). So, I decided to be a little creative (pardon the wordplay) and change cogito to creo. I’m no biblical scholar, but I’ll bet that “creo” plays a pretty big role in the beginning (another outrageous bit of wordplay, I admit. But I’m not sorry) of the bible. However, as a writer, an editor, and a father of 5, I know a little about creating. I also like to think outside the box. However, being creative is not ALWAYS thinking outside the box. In fact, it’s mostly about thinking. Period. (so, just to make certain you caught that, it was not two, but actually three periods that I used to emphasize being creative).

As you plan your business or develop your new idea or product (or both), remember to think inside and let the energy out.

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