Elements of A Typical Business Plan

Your business plan must effectively lay out the argument for your business and how you will proceed during the coming weeks, months and years to attain and maintain a successful operation.
Consider your product and marketplace thoroughly. Look at your service or product from inside and out. Consider the various markets and the consumers in those markets.
• The Executive Summary
• Products and Services Offered
• The Market
• Your Marketing Strategy
• The Competition
• Operations and Production
• The Management Team –Key Players
• Personnel
• Complete Financial Data
• Supporting Documentation

Whether you are selling a line of cosmetics from your home, or atomic powered refrigerators, the business plan demonstrates a course of action to sell and market a product or service, and all the necessary manufacturing, advertising, hiring and communications aspects of your business.

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  1. Karbo says:

    Ваш сайт в опере не очень то корректо показывается, а так все отлично! спасибки вам за умные мысли!

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