Sample Business Plan

Mr. Sanders has authored or edited over 175 business plans since 1998.

The following is a selection of firms for which Scott has provided consulting and writing services.

In 2012
Business Plan and Financial Projections for Kauai Windfarm, LLC, a renewable energy project involving new technology design for wind turbines, Kauai, HI
Wrote business plan and financial projections for smash comedy “It’s Just Sex! To prepare for Off-Broadway run in 2013. Studio City, CA
Prepared Power Point, wrote business plan and extensive financial projections for web application and start-up “ClubScouts,” a social media and entertainment site and app. Los Angeles, CA
Wrote business plan, financial projections, and summary for feature film “Christmas Jars.” A film slotted for 2013 production, by Academy Award winning Director Keith Merrill. El Dorado Hills, CA
Prepared Financial estimates, business plan and edited Power Point for dating site “ModelMates” for Fall 2012 debut. Plan includes, “Models,” “events,” and “Advertising” information. Los Angeles, California

Wrote business plan and created operations plan and marketing strategy for profitable electronics firm, Elektropol (San Jose, CA)
Result: Elektropol was able to raise seed funding of $1.25 million from presentation of business plan and marketing strategy.
Rewrote business strategy and designed new database for Laguna Investments
Result: Data organization more intuitive; improved ability to identify profitable properties.
Rewrote business plan and operations manual for fuel-cell car start-up company Anuvu
Result: Business plan and manual were basis for series of funding and investment discussions between Japanese business conglomerate Marubeni and Anuvu.
Wrote business plan, created marketing strategy for disaster response firm, GlobalEnvirons
Result: GlobalEnvirons won several United Nations and FEMA contracts as a result of presentation.
Board Member, Global Environs, NY, NY , Secretary 2001-2003
• Directed branding strategy for ski and snowboard safety company, Z-Systems
Result: Burton Snowboard Company acquired 40% stake in Z-Systems based on presentation.
Determined and advised staffing of senior management for software start-up company, E-Point
Result: E-Point received funding from Arizona Incubator Fund based on staff experience.
Authored training manual “How To Write A Business Plan” for business start-ups,
Result: Manual used by LDS Church employment services in 2006. Umpqua Bank 2008-2009
Created new division for Chace Productions, a leading audio services company, Burbank, CA
Result: Expanded market presence to universities, military and public radio. Created website.
Designed and created website for non-profit theatre group TheatreAlive! also incorporated TheatreAlive! and completed all paperwork for California 501(c)3 requirements.
Result: TheatreAlive! has had four profitable productions in-a-row. Web hits up from 12 per day (January 2008) to 150 per day (December 2008). TheatreAlive!
Wrote and assisted in instituting safety services plan for FEMA – Region IX special projects
Result: Western federal and state disaster agencies were able to clearly identify and articulate core issues, strengths and weaknesses allowing more effective allocation of resources in emergencies.
Created 5 year $5 million fund-raising plan for Live Oak Waldorf School
Result: Waldorf School Raised $2.75 million in first three years of plan. Plan was abandoned as board and mission statement changed.
Board member, Waldorf – Live Oak School, Chairman, Fund Development Committee, 2001-2003
Created marketing strategy and designed website for design firm;
Result: Top search engine rating in 90 days. Established business in 35 gift shops in 120 days.
Authored business plan for motion picture company Made You Look, Los Angeles, CA
Result: Plan was received by Wayne Huizinga (founder of Blockbuster, Owner Miami Dolphins).
Wrote business plan and marketing model for Imax film Dinosaurs: Face to Face in 3D